Perio Protect®

For patients who have developed gum disease, our dentist at Moorpark Smiles Dental offers Perio Protect® to help remove the harmful bacteria that grows in the pockets between your teeth and gum tissue. This thorough gum disease treatment is non-invasive and is formulated to promote both your comfort and your oral health.

Perio Protect® in an innovative, non-invasive treatment that uses a mild chemical solution to remove plaque and gum-disease-causing bacteria from your mouth. In most cases, Perio Protect is used in combination with other gum disease treatments, such as scaling and root planing. For this treatment, our dentist will create customized dental Perio Trays® that will match the shape and dentition of your smile perfectly. Based on how often our dentist recommends using this treatment, you will fill your Perio Trays with the prescribed medication and insert them into your mouth. Your trays will help administer the medication to all infected areas inside your mouth, getting beneath the gum line and preventing harmful bacteria from growing in between your visits to our office.

Based on your condition and the severity of your gum disease, our dentist will help you know how often you should use Perio Protect in between your visits. We will also evaluate your condition as you continue with your Perio Protect treatment to determine whether you could benefit from further gum disease treatments.

We invite you to call 805-553-1980 today to learn more about Perio Protect in Moorpark, California, and to make your appointment with Dr. Paul Takemoto!

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