Midline Correction

With so many dental terminologies, you may have heard the phrase “dental midline.” You most often hear about this concept as a part of your orthodontic care, but an individual’s dental midline also affects the aesthetics of their smile. A dental midline refers to the line between your front teeth in the top and bottom arch of your smile. It is symmetrical when they align with each other. A person’s dental midline should also be symmetrical with the center of their nose and the midpoint between their eyes. If this does not happen, a person’s midline is referred to as deviated.

A deviated midline causes irregular bite relationships and with this, dental wear, improper jaw function, and more. If this is not corrected, you can begin to see dental attrition, TMJ symptoms, and other painful conditions that can affect the look and function of your smile. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with our dentist at Moorpark Smiles Dental to address your asymmetrical midline and discuss potential treatments that could be suitable for you. We look forward to your visit with Dr. Paul Takemoto and ask that you call 805-553-1980 to get in contact with our office. We look forward to seeing you soon for a midline correction in Moorpark, California.

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