Clear Retainers

We offer many accommodating and suitable services at Moorpark Smiles Dental to ensure our patients get the care the desire with the service they deserve. Our dentist can provide clear retainers in Moorpark, California, as an elusive and undetectable way of maintaining the orthodontic care you have received. A clear retainer is worn roughly 12 hours a day, which may change depending on your specific needs and given care instructions.

The thin clear plastic retainer is similar in construction to a small mouth guard and is work mainly while you sleep. It should always feel comfortable to wear and should not be left in warm or sunny places as this may cause the material of the retainer to warp or distort. As the name suggests, your retainer is built to help retain the new position of your teeth. So, the more you follow the guidelines of wearing your retainer, the less likely is it that your teeth will move out of their corrected alignment.

If you have questions about or are in need a clear retainer, you are encouraged to call our office at 805-553-1980 and Dr. Paul Takemoto will gladly make sure this treatment is advisable for your needs. We look forward to seeing you at our family-owned practice.

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