Implant Supported Bridges

Similar to a regular dental bridge, implant-supported bridges in Moorpark, California, are held up with adjacent implants instead of natural teeth. Although, no one will know the difference by looking. We recommend this service for those with more than one missing tooth. It is recommended by Dr. Paul Takemoto after the proper diagnosis, planning, and consultation with a patient about their goals and concerns for their smile. You must also have gums that are healthy enough to support the dental implants.

If, after this diagnosis process, it is determined by our dentist that an implant-supported bridge is a suitable and advantageous procedure for you, we can begin treatment. The implant and abutment are placed first with temporary bridges or crowns. Next, we situate and install the restoration (the part that looks like natural teeth)) after the healing process is completed.

A series of crowns, made out of porcelain, are connected to form a bridge and fused to the implants to create a sturdy, appealing smile. For dental care that is satisfactory and enduring, and also improves the look of your smile, you are invited to contact Moorpark Smiles Dental to arrange your visit soon. We are truly excited to see you at our office and ask that you call 805-553-1980 to talk to a team member.

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