Gum Rejuvenation

Using the Chao Pinhole® Technique, we can offer many cosmetic benefits from gum rejuvenation that are just as notable as its health-improving aspects. Gum rejuvenation is often the recommended treatment for gingival, or gum, recession. If you have concerns about what can cause gum recession, here are a few of the reasons for its development: overly-aggressive or improper oral hygiene habits, genetics, tooth misalignment, bruxism, dental trauma, and more. So, during your visit with our dentist, you may ask about beneficial flossing habits or toothbrushes, mouth guards, and other preventive solutions to gingival recession.

We will also attend to your concerns about gum and oral healthcare in a way that is comforting and accommodating to you. It is our goal to use the Chao Pinhole® Technique as a way to provide our patients with an even gum line while experiencing little discomfort and recovery time; ultimately, this provides an improved dental appearance. We understand that developing the confidence to smile can be difficult with a flawed appearance. So, we invite you to call Moorpark Smiles Dental at 805-553-1980 to make an appointment with our dentist and start on the path to a raised self-esteem. When you make your appointment with Dr. Paul Takemoto, you can take care of your general wellness with proper oral health.

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