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Did you know, part of keeping your smile healthy includes the choices you make in your food? Yes, it’s true! If you eat healthily, your body can show results in many various ways, including your oral health too. In fact, some foods help keep your teeth strong and healthy for years to come when cleaned and taken care of correctly.

Our dentist, Dr. Paul Takemoto, encourages positive oral health, which is why we are always happy to help you. Furthermore, our team at Moorpark Smiles Dental in Moorpark, California, is excited to share some basic foods and snack ideas to help your diet and teeth stay healthy.

Here are some healthy foods you can choose from for a healthy smile:

– Nuts: Nuts have phosphorus and other nutrients, which are healthy for your teeth and body.
– Chicken: The protein found in chicken is excellent for your total smile and body health.
– Pears or apples: These foods have a watery substance and are known as nature’s dental floss. They are fantastic because they work to keep your teeth clean and wash away harmful acids in your smile.
– Cheese: Cheese carries calcium in it, which can help your tooth enamel become stronger.
– Sugarless gum: Chewing sugarless gum is smart because it produces saliva which counteracts harmful bacteria and residues in your smile between meals.

For more information on how to keep your teeth healthy, or if you would like to make an appointment with a member of our team, please call us today at 805-553-1980 to make an appointment. Our team of experts are happy to help you with your oral health.