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If you feel like your flossing can be improved, we can help you understand the proper steps. Flossing can seem simple enough, but taking these steps into consideration can help you improve your technique keep plaque from building between your teeth.

– Using about 18 inches of string should be sufficient.
– You can hold the string by wrapping the ends around your fingers and pinching the ends with your thumbs.
– You can make the floss slide between your teeth by using a gentle back-and-forth rubbing motion, instead of forcing it in.
– You can then pull the string to the side of one tooth and gently slide it up and down.
– There is a small space between your gums and your teeth. You can gently slide the string into that space to clean it out.
– When you are done flossing one side of a tooth, adjust the string so you are not using the same segment. The segment you just used has plaque on it now, and if you reuse that segment, you could end up moving the plaque to a different location instead of cleaning it out.

We hope you find these steps to be helpful as you strive to improve your flossing technique. Know also that you do not have to go alone when it comes to your oral health. We are happy to help you here at Moorpark Smiles Dental, which is right here in Moorpark, California, with dental cleanings and other treatments. Our dentist, Dr. Paul Takemoto, is happy to offer his skills and experience to you. You need only call 805-553-1980 to get in touch with us.