White dental fillings are different from the many amalgam or silver-colored fillings that dentists have used for generations. There is nothing wrong or harmful about this material, but many more people are popularizing the benefits of white, or composite, dental fillings. Composite resins are made of plastics and small glass materials, according to the AGD, and provide patients with a more natural and attractive dental restoration.

While white dental fillings can restore dental health and repair cavities, Dr. Paul Takemoto can also use this service as a way to improve the color or shape of a tooth. With the right color match, many people will never be able to tell you have had a dental filling. Our dentist will also smooth and polish your filling to ensure it feels like your natural teeth and is resistant to any possible staining.

Your restoration can last more than five years as white fillings are durable, strong, and resistant to wear once they are bonded to the enamel of your tooth. White fillings are also less expensive than gold materials and more than amalgams. So, please call Moorpark Smiles Dental at 805-553-1980 to speak to a helpful team member about scheduling your visit with us soon.