Unofficially categorized as pre-constructed or indirect fillings, dental inlays are used to treat dental cavities that are too large for a regular filling. Additionally, you can retain more of your health toothy structure if you have an inlay and not a crown (a crown usually entails the removal of some tooth structure allow a proper fit). Onlays are a little more far-reaching in their treatment towards decay, in that they fill in a large cavity as well as cover the tooth’s biting surface. After a digital impression is taken of the tooth and it’s supporting structures, it is sent to a laboratory with which they make the customized dental onlay.

We use both dental inalys and onlays in Moorpark, California, to strengthen the tooth it is applied to. Furthermore, these restorations are made from composite, or tooth-colored, material, instead of porcelain or gold. We use this making to enhance the natural color of your tooth and its shape. If you are interested in this strong dental solution and cosmetic restoration, please contact Moorpark Smiles Dental to get in touch with a team member. We look forward to your visit with Dr. Paul Takemoto and ask that you call 805-553-1980 to make an appointment with our caring dentist.