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At Moorpark Smiles Dental, we secure your dental bridge firmly to your smile with the help of a powerful dental-grade cement to ensure your new dental appliance lasts for several years. Please keep in mind, though, that your dental bridge is still vulnerable to harmful conditions such as gum disease or a dental accident, and these can cause the bridge to come loose.

Thankfully, Dr. Paul Takemoto offers five things you should know about treating a loosened dental bridge:

First, avoid poking, prodding at, or wiggling your dental bridge, as these seemingly harmless movements can damage the bridge’s inner abutment.

Second, if an accident or blow to the face has left blood and debris in your mouth, do not attempt to clean it out. You can rinse with lukewarm water, but leave all other cleaning methods to the skill and expertise of our experienced dentist.

Third, we may be able to simply re-cement the dental bridge if it came loose due to pervasive bacteria buildup in the gum line, which caused the cement to fail.

Fourth, if damage has been done to the inner abutment, we will discuss with you the need for more invasive treatment.

Finally, if you feel there is anything wrong with your dental bridge, please do not hesitate to call Moorpark Smiles Dental at 805-553-1980 right away. Dr. Paul Takemoto and our team can examine your loose dental bridge in Moorpark, California, and make the appropriate repairs to strengthen your smile.