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Some beverages that are not very beneficial for your teeth are sports drinks. An occasional drink is not too bad, but drinking them on a regular basis can increase your risk for cavities and enamel erosion. This occurs because of the huge amount of sugar they contain and how acidic they can be.

As you may have heard before, but in case you have not, consuming a lot of sugar can cause cavities. What happens is that the sugar is left on your teeth and bacteria find it. When they consume the sugar, they produce acids that consume your enamel, which creates cavities. The more sugar they have access to, the more acid they can generate.

Speaking of acids, sports drinks can have a significant acidic level themselves. This means they can cause even more enamel erosion, especially if consumed repeatedly.

As such, we recommend only drinking sports drinks on rare occasions. If you need some hydration during playing a sport or such, you can instead go with water. You cannot really find a better source for hydration than water, and you can avoid the excess sugars and acid.

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